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Private Pilates Studio in Sammamish


Pilates Handcrafted for YOUR Body

Through personalized instruction and a custom approach you will receive a Pilates workout that will help you feel strong, healthy and active. Pilates is a holistic movement method that will work your body from head to toe providing long-lasting results that will help you enjoy your life more.

Pilates instructor teaching a client on the Cadillac during a private session

A Personalized Pilates practice will help you break through the habits that were holding you back in the past such as:

  • Bad posture – your back muscles will get stronger to support the spine.
  • Weak abdominals – your core muscles will create a tight corset to protect you from injuries and back pain.
  • Stiffness – your muscles will gain more flexibility to obtain an appropriate range of motion.
  • Back or hip pain – you will relearn movement patterns to decrease or eliminate pain.
  • No energy to exercise – low impact training with an accent on proper breathing techniques will increase your oxygen levels producing more energy to enjoy not only the Pilates session but life in general.
  • Injuries – whether you want to prevent injuries or work past old injuries, Pilates will provide an invigorating workout to stay strong, healthy and active.
Beautiful light Pilates studio equipped with Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and other small equipment

About Us

Accent Pilates is owned by Kate Yesis who has more than 20 years of experience teaching movement. Her private home studio is located in the heart of Sammamish WA and offers modern state of the art Pilates equipment combined with a great environment that gives her clients the the ideal experience while working on their balance, strength, mobility and flexibility. Schedule an appointment today to see and feel the difference that Accent Pilates provides.

What We Offer

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Join a group Pilates class from the convenience of your home.



Customized sessions designed to provide a holistic and invigorating Pilates workout.