Join a private or group Pilates class from the convenience of your home.
Stay healthy and active!

Supervised workouts from your home, office or even on the road are convenient and as efficient as training at a Pilates studio. You will be guided through a personalized workout developed for your needs and goals.

Virtual Group Classes

Mat Pilates class requires only two things: you and a mat. While it appears deceptively simple the workout will challenge your entire body.

Fusion Class brings together the best of Pilates, Barre, and Strength Training to increase your core strength as well as tone your arms, glutes and thighs. Fusion takes all of the amazing mind-body work and familiar cuing from your Pilates classes and applies them to strength-building moves for total body conditioning. 

Register for Virtual Pilates Class

Step 1
Register for the class online

Step 2
You will receive a link to join the class

  • All virtual training sessions are conducted through ZOOM. 
  • Registration for classes will be closed 30 min before each class.
  • All classes are 50 min long.
  • You will need a good internet connection, a computer/ iPad with web camera and space to move.
  • Classes can be purchased individually or in a bulk with 10% discount.

Virtual Private Sessions

Virtual Private Session (50 min) will help you work on your specific fitness goals. If you have Pilates equipment at home (Reformer, Chair, Spring Board) the session can utilize the apparatus available to you.

Tune up session (30 min) is a great way to work on specific areas or problems. People with osteoporosis, hip/knees/shoulder problems, scoliosis, back pain and many more conditions will benefit from taking tune up sessions. You will learn specific modifications and alignment cues that are necessary for your body.